About Adventure Playgrounds

An Adventure Playground is not simply a play area with fixed wooden play equipment. It is a staffed open access facility where children can come and go as they please. They have the opportunity to design and build their own play equipment, to mould their own environment to their own purposes, and to be involved in a whole range of activity including playing with earth, air, fire and water. Adventure playgrounds compensate for the lack of natural environments for children to play in our modern world. They provide space, materials, equipment and flexible, non-intrusive adult supervision.

Most importantly, they provide children with freedom of choice, opportunity to explore, experiment, co-operate and manipulate materials, as well as providing scope for imagination and creativity.

On an Adventure Playground children can operate in their own time and at their own pace, and experience the sheer joy of playing in freedom. They are by their very nature, places where children can be themselves. Adventure playgrounds are places where children can confront and take risks under the trained eye of a Playworker. They might appear to the uninitiated as untidy, messy, unstructured and cluttered – even chaotic – but in comparison with other types of play provision, accident levels are low.