Fernheath Play is a Registered Charity No: 1148263 and an Incorporated Limited Company No: 7968806.


To provide a safe environment where all children, irrespective of their family income or circumstances, are able to enjoy a range of freely chosen play activities which support their development.


  1. To provide a safe but challenging environment for children to play creatively and which supports their development.

  2. To provide a refuge for children who are potentially vulnerable in their home environment.

  3. To reduce stress within families, by offering respite for families living in accommodation without outdoor play space or for families of children with disabilities or additional needs.

  4. To offer inclusive play opportunities recognising the benefits to children with and without disabilities.

  5. To improve community cohesion encouraging the involvement of parents in the development and delivery of community led programmes


The Objects of the Charity are to provide or to assist in the provision of recreational facilities for children and young people living in Bournemouth, Dorset and the surrounding area, who have need of such facilities by reason of their age, health, disability or social or economic circumstances, with a view to improving their condition of life by:

a) Providing a safe, supervised place for unstructured, imaginative play as well as creative educational and physical activities

b) Helping children to advance in life by developing their skills and capabilities and capacities to enable them to participate more fully in society, as independent, responsible and compassionate individuals

c) Advancing their learning

Copies of 2015 Annual Accounts available here.